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Preparing for your EASA PPL or ATPL exams? Get ahead with our EASA PPL & ATPL Question Bank – subscribe today.

COMING SOON: We’re excited to announce that our comprehensive EASA & FAA PPL & ATPL packages, complete with an extensive FAA PPL & ATPL question bank and theoretical materials in various languages, will be released soon. Stay tuned for these invaluable resources to aid in your exam preparation!


Our LMS offers a comprehensive pilot training package, complete with PPL & ATPL theory and question banks, supporting you from training start to professional pilot qualification. Ideal for both individual aviators and flight schools, it's perfect for distance learning and classroom use. Integrated with your Aviator Wallet, and for those in a company using the Aviator Management System, it links your training directly to the central system for effective progress tracking. With two subscription options – Full Package or Question Bank – your choice is conveniently added to your Aviator Wallet for a seamless learning experience.

Why The Aviator LMS?

The Aviator Solution

Our platform offers exceptional value for your investment. With us, you receive comprehensive theory materials and an extensive question bank for the price of one, making our solution more affordable than others in the market. We're committed to providing quality educational resources at a cost-effective price point, ensuring you get the most out of every dollar spent on your aviation training and development.

Our platform revolutionizes the way you access and engage with your training materials. By transitioning to digital, we eliminate the need for physical books, enabling you to carry your entire library of theory materials wherever you go. This not only offers unparalleled convenience but also allows you to track your progress seamlessly in real-time. Additionally, our digital approach is an eco-friendly solution, reducing paper usage and contributing to environmental sustainability.without any hitches.

Our LMS stands out by being the only one that integrates seamlessly with your personal Aviator Wallet profile, making it a fundamental part of your Aviator identity. If your Wallet is connected to any Aviator Management System (AMS), your training is automatically linked to AMS as well. This centralisation offers significant benefits: unified training and profile management for streamlined organisation, enhanced visibility for instructors and airlines to monitor your progress easily, simplified progress tracking in one integrated platform, and increased efficiency in managing your learning resources. without any hitches.

Our LMS offers unparalleled flexibility in the world of aviation training. With our platform, you have the freedom to revisit previous subjects or courses at any time, retake exams, and attempt them as many times as needed, as long as your subscription is active. This adaptability ensures that you can learn at your own pace and solidify your understanding as you progress. Moreover, you can effortlessly switch between EASA and FAA materials, along with other upcoming resources, without worrying about extra costs or hidden fees. This feature allows you to broaden your knowledge base and stay versatile in your training, catering to a diverse range of aviation standards and requirements. Our commitment is to provide a learning experience that's as dynamic and varied as the aviation industry itself.

COMING SOON Aviator LMS Packages

Choose the subscription package that best fits your needs

PPL & ATPL Syllabus

- €

PPL & ATPL Syllabus

- €

  • 20.000+ Questions
  • Latest Questions
  • Constantly growing
  • Cancel subscription anytime

Full EASA Package

- €

Full EASA Package

- €

  • PPL & ATPL Theory
  • PPL & ATPL Question Bank
  • Custom Contract
  • Track Progress
  • Course Completion Certificate

FAQs - New Student


Your Aviator LMS package & question bank subscription, begins from the day you enroll. When you opt for our monthly subscription, it remains active until you choose to unsubscribe, offering the flexibility to cancel at any time. If you choose our annual plan, your subscription will be valid for 12 months. All your enrollment details can be conveniently accessed by logging into your Aviator Wallet.

The duration to complete the course varies based on your study commitment. It's designed to be flexible, accommodating your pace. Typically, if studied full-time, it can be completed in about 6 months. However, from the time you attempt your first exams, you have an 18-month window to finish them all.

Throughout the course, a CRP-5 navigation computer and a scientific calculator are necessary for various subjects. For General Navigation and Flight Planning, a Jeppesen student route manual is required. Civil Aviation Publications (CAPs) are needed for Mass & Balance, Flight Planning, and Performance subjects. Additionally, a compass and protractor will be useful in General Navigation for chart work and angle measurements. While The Aviator does not currently provide a starter kit, we are planning to integrate these tools with our Aviator LMS soon.

We generally recommend the ATPL course and exams, as they represent the highest level of theoretical knowledge, opening up the widest range of opportunities after your training. However, if you're certain that a lower qualification will suffice for your career goals, such as becoming an Instructor, then the CPL course and exams would be adequate. Notably, the ATPL course includes IR theory, which is not covered in the CPL.

FAQs - Active Student


For ATPL, CPL, and IR exams, you are allotted a period of 18 months from the date of your first exam attempt to successfully pass all required exams.without any hitches.

To be eligible for the exams while pursuing our approved course, you must complete all lessons and tests on Aviator LMS. Check with your ATO the minimum requirements that need to be met before you attempt any CAA exams.

To book your exams, you must register with the relevant aviation authority. For an EASA license, choose any EASA state to sit your exams. For a UK license, you need to register with the UK CAA and sit their exams. For FAA tests, schedule your FAA written exam by visiting https://faa.psiexams.com/faa/login. If you're a first-time user, you'll need to create an account to proceed.

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